As master developer, Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co., Ltd (SSTEC) is committed to creating a sustainable urban development. As such, we actively organise various environmental protection events, and promoting waste sorting and recycling is one such important activity.

In addition to sharing on waste sorting within the community, we are also making it easier for SSTEC staff to participate in the activity. Waste containers and recycling bins will be made available for SSTEC staff to sort their waste, which will later be disposed by a Environmental Protection and Waste Management Company on a regular basis. This is aimed at raising employees' awareness on waste sorting and promoting environmental friendly living as well as sustainability concepts.

More information on waste collection and management Information is appended below

Date Collection Quantity Water Pollution Decrement(kt) Land Pollution Decrement£¨m³£©
Jan.2023 49(include 48 used batteries) 2.88 48
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341( include 301 used batteries) 17.76 301
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384( include 307 used batteries) 18.72 307
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312( include 232 used batteries) 13.92 232
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392( include 360 used batteries) 21.6 360
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364(include268used batteries) 16.08 268
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559(include487used batteries) 29.22 487
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862(include 784 used batteries) 47.04 784
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702(include 620 used batteries) 37.2 620
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806(include 452 used batteries) 27.12 452
Waste Sorting Diagram