Core Businesses

The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (SSTEC) is mainly responsible for developing and selling high-quality green residential, industrial and commercial properties, transferring the Eco-City's land plots, leasing out industrial projects, building infrastructure within the Eco-City and managing and maintaining green buildings.

Development and sale of green residential, industrial and commercial properties

SSTEC strictly adheres to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the Eco-City. Through its property development company, Tianjin Sino-Singapore Eco-City Investment and Development Co., Ltd., it builds high quality residential, industrial and commercial projects, either independently or by collaborating with reputable developers, incorporating Singapore’s advanced management experiences and concepts in the process. This provides residents and businesses with a unique and comprehensive living and working environment, thereby creating a vibrant community and economy.

Transfer of land

As the Eco-City’s master developer and land developer, SSTEC is responsible for taking the land plots that the Chinese shareholders have injected and are meant for residential, commercial, industrial and educational projects (e.g. kindergartens or primary schools), and to independently develop them or put them up for sale, so as to drive the overall development of the Eco-City.

Leasing of industrial projects

SSTEC sells and leases its own industrial real estate, covering the SSTEC Eco-Business Park, (including The Landmark, The Enterprise, the Low Carbon Living Lab and Ready-Built Offices), Eco-Innovation Park (including the Ready-Built Factories) and land plots for industrial use. This is aimed at attracting quality domestic and foreign companies and talents that are aligned with the Eco-City's development requirements, driving the industrial and economic growth of the Eco-City.

Construction of infrastructure

As the Eco-City’s master developer, SSTEC is committed to helping the local government develop the Eco-City’s roads and bridges, as well as other infrastructure projects like the pipe networks for rainwater, wastewater and recycled water, laying a stable foundation for the Eco-City’s rapid and steady growth.

Property management

SSTEC has formed a strategic partnership with Vanke Service Development Co., Ltd. to jointly operate Tianjin Wanyu Shengheng Eco-Maintenance and Services Co., Ltd.(Wanyu Shengheng), which will provide property operation, maintenance and management services for residential, industrial and commercial projects in the Eco-City. Adhering to smart, people-oriented and advanced property management concepts, Wanyu Shengheng uses its experiences in operating and maintaining green buildings and managing communities to provide diverse and quality property services for the growing number of residents and companies in the Eco-City. Wanyu Shengheng has been awarded the National Qualification Certificate (First Class) for Property Management Enterprise.