BackFocused Industries

The China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City will be a first-mover for a low carbon economy. It can serve as a leading innovation and demonstration zone for decarbonisation technologies and green enterprises. The Eco-City has facilitated industry development, promoted research, and built a robust ecosystem of MNCs, SMEs and start-ups from within China, Singapore and the international business communities, focusing on 5 major industry segments, namely Smart Technologies, Culture and Tourism, Health, Education & Training and Green Finance. These key segments encompass various sectors that will contribute to a thriving economy in the Eco-City.

  • Culture and Innovation

    Includes movies, publishing, animation and media etc.

    The Eco-City houses the National Animation Industry Park, home to a number of blockbuster companies such as Alibaba Pictures, Huayi Brothers, etc.
  • Smart Technologies
    Includes big data, cloud computing, smart cities, etc.

    Besides being a model for green development, the Eco-City has been a leading practitioner of next-generation technology, such as 5G or autonomous vehicles, that will bring the city to the next level in smart applications.
  • Cold Chain Logistics

    Situated in close proximity to Tianjin Port, the sea gateway into North China, the Eco-City seeks to establish itself as a regional hub for cold chain logistics.
  • Environmental and Green Industries

    The Eco-City is a ready test bed for deployment of new environmental, green and smart technologies.
  • Health

    One of the fast-developing industries in the Eco-City with renowned enterprises in bio-pharmaceutical area such as Dynamiker and Jecho Bio.
  • Internet Technology

    Includes live-streaming, video games, internet videos and music, e-commerce, etc.

    Large and influential multinationals such as Tencent, Didi Chuxing, JD and Momo are based here, leading the charge for technological innovation.
  • Tourism

    The Eco-City area contains a number of top tourist attractions, including the Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, National Maritime Museum of China, China-Singapore Friendship Park, etc. In 2021, the Eco-City received a total of 7 million visits.
  • Financial Services

    With a wide range of unique preferential policies, the Eco-City is home to thousands of financial companies.
  • Innovation and Startups

    As part of the push towards innovation from the Tianjin Municipal Government, the Eco-City provides a strong ecosystem of incubators and supporting policies for innovation and startups.
  • Education and Training

    Quality schools for students from early childhood to pre-tertiary education equipped with smart and green educational and teaching facilities as well as building and environmental technologies.