Eco & Smart Features

To achieve the two countries' vision of building an eco-city that is ecologically friendly, socially harmonious and economically sustainable, China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City extensively utilises environmental protection technologies and design, optimises the use of energy and resources and promotes ecological and healthy lifestyle, so as to create a green, liveable and business-friendly urban environment.

The Eco-City is now building on the strong foundation laid over the past decade and implementing a dual development strategy which will drive its transformation into an “upgraded eco-city” and an “innovative smart city”. The Eco-City provides a conducive environment for the trial and implementation of cutting-edge smart technologies which can sense, analyse, integrate and use data to respond to a variety of municipal needs.

The initial planning phases for the Eco-City integrated many characteristics of sustainable development, focusing on using a mix of practicable and feasible technologies and policies to realise the goals set out for the Eco-City by the governments of Singapore and China. The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City upgraded version 2.0 of the KPIs include quantitative and qualitative indicators like renewable energy, green buildings, efficient use of water resources, effective recycling and treatment of waste, and green transportation. These have become the eco features of the Eco-City.